Yoga Etiquette

Yoga Etiquette

When practicing yoga at a yoga studio or in a classroom, a degree of consideration and kindness is expected from students and teachers alike. There is good yoga etiquette and then there is some pretty bad yoga etiquette. Whether it is your first yoga class or the 1000th, following common sense, basic rules, and respecting others goes a long way in making everyone’s yoga experience an enjoyable, relaxed and stress free.

Early Arrival

Arrive to your class early, not right when the class is about to start or even worse late. Our teachers will open the doors 15 to 20 minutes before the class starts. Arriving about 15 minutes early gives you time to get signed in, start settling in, start letting go of your day and your thoughts, do a few warm up stretches, practice a few poses, or just lay down in a resting pose. When the class starts the door will be locked and you will not be allowed to enter the studio.

Shoes & Phones

Remove Shoes

Yoga is done bare foot. No shoes allowed. Please remove your shoes for the yoga practice and leave them outside the studio.

Leave Cell Phones Out

Please turn your cell phone off before entering the studio. It can be very disruptive in a yoga class is when somebody’s cell phone rattling, shaking or ringing.

What’s the stink?

No matter how expensive your perfume or cologne is, it may be too strong. The scents, even fragrances of essential oils, seem to be magnified in a warm, closed in area where people are engaged in deep breathing.  Be mindful, recognizing that somebody might have sensitivities and allergies that can be aggravated by your odors, even the pleasant ones.

Gotta Go

Need a bathroom break? Trying going before the class starts, or wait until after the class. Avoid interrupting the class by going to the bathroom or leaving the room for any other reason, if at all possible. If you have to leave the room do so quietly with minimum distraction.

Wipe it off!

Sweating is good, but not when you find somebody has been sweating profusely right where you want to put down your mat! Before leaving the room, after a class, quietly wipe off any sweat around your area.


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